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Equipment Leasing
Why should you choose Leasing?  Equipment leasing is big business. Each year, over $100 billion worth of equipment is leased by American businesses. Leasing is "bigger than stocks, bigger than bonds, and bigger than commercial mortgages," according to Fortune Magazine. Over the past decade, the average volume of equipment leasing has increased six-fold! It is now the fastest growing mode of equipment finance.


100% Financing
Leasing provides 100% financing, consulting, maintenance, freight and training costs, may be included in the lease.

Free Up Capital
Leasing conserves your working capital by requiring only a minimum initial outlay of cash - usually just the first and last payment. This frees your working capital for other profit generating activities or investments.

Save bank lines of credit
Leasing preserves your bank line of credit so that you are ready should a business opportunity or unexpected demand for cash occur.

Tax advantages
Leasing allows you a dollar for dollar write off of the lease rental payments. With the new tax laws, the depreciation advantage of ownership is far less attractive when compared to leasing. Profitability is derived from the use of the equipment not the ownership.

Benefit today with tomorrow's dollars
Leasing ensures your lease rental payment will remain constant. You can acquire today's equipment with tomorrow's dollars

No obsolete equipment
Leasing affords you the opportunity to add-on, upgrade or replace obsolete equipment. Because flexibility is one of the greatest benefits of leasing, you never have to be stuck with old, out-of-date equipment.

Custom tailored to your needs
Leasing can be tailored to fit your budget requirements. At the end of the lease term, you will have the option of purchasing the equipment, re-leasing the equipment or simply returning the equipment to the Leasor.

Leasing is convenient. You only spend a few minutes arranging a lease. Aerial Lift Service Company and their vendors do the rest.  At Aerial Lift Service Company we have many leasing packages and vendors to chose from. We can help you with all your Aerial lift, Forklift, Boom Lift, Man Lift and Aluminum scaffolding leasing. Please give us a call and let us meet your needs at;

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